Simon Scott - Marketing

A specialist in garden, construction, heritage and tourism with additional knowledge of publishing and motor sport sectors. Since 1999, Simon has amassed significant Board Director experience, developing and maintaining a market-leader position for a top B2B and B2C brand. The transferable skills employed to achieve this can now be utilised to help grow your organisation - whether you are large or small, corporate or family-owned. Simon’s expertise would be particularly effective if you are looking to diversify into a new market or grow market share in an existing sector.

Simon has been responsible for leading and managing UK and US marketing and brand strategy, driving commercial results. Responsibilities have included the development of marketing systems and operations - designing and developing solutions to increase brand awareness and support sales effectiveness. This required the skill to recruit, motivate, develop and manage an effective team whilst maintaining full control of a range of functions including budgeting, advertising, exhibitions, PR, internet and social networking, catalogues, technical sheets, photography, new product design and development, intellectual property, database marketing, market research, stockist support and in-house newsletters.

With a hands-on, can-do philosophy, Simon would have a significant positive impact on your business or organisation...

Simon Scott - PR & Communication

Having worked for one of the Top-5 Public Relations companies in the UK, Simon can help devise and implement an effective PR and Communications strategy. With contacts within both top consumer and trade magazines, as well as knowledge of numerous "tricks of the trade", Simon can initiate or enhance a PR campaign to provide excellent, cost-effective promotion for your brand and/or products.

A successful PR campaign can have a long-lasting impact on your brand’s reputation and public image if well-planned and targeted. It requires more than just a press release on a new product to successfully raise brand awareness – although that is a good start!

If executed correctly, your PR campaign can attract positive local and national media attention, boost sales and create a positive relationship between your organisation and both existing and potential customers for years to come.

Simon Scott - Advertising & Media Buying

What do you want to achieve from your advertising? Is it brand building, product sales, website visits or a mix of these and other targets? Do your advertisements stand out from the crowd or are they lost, only spotted by your competitors and your staff? The solution can be creative, yet it is also about positioning within the media you are using. Simon has significant experience in auditing existing campaigns and then commissioning successful advertising creative across a wide variety of B2B and B2C marketplaces, primarily in the UK and USA. He would be delighted to provide you with dynamic solutions in this complex area of marketing whilst also providing a media buying service.

It is mix of both what you know and who you know that will provide the most effective media buying solutions. It is not just about rate cards. It is about making sure you are seen at the right time, in the right media, as part of a planned campaign. A one-off advertisement is rarely successful. You need to be in front of an existing or potential customer when they are in a position to buy… and you need to be able to negotiate the best possible rate and position with the media provider. Clients rarely have the time to do this successfully, particularly when bombarded by advertising sales representatives the moment there is a sniff of a potential sale! Simon can help take away that pressure as he has over 30 years media buying experience across both B2C and B2B sectors.

Simon Scott - Exhibitions & Event Management

From sorting out a pop-up display for a sales presentation to designing two medal-winning show gardens at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show; and from organising CPD events to negotiating sponsorship and hospitality at major events, Simon has significant experience of exhibitions and event management. He works methodically and is used to high-pressure situations where the correct decision needs to be made immediately. He is happy to work alongside an existing marketing or sales department, or to work in a freelance capacity to deliver an exhibition or event that enhances brand awareness and/or drives sales.

Significant exhibition experience includes events in the UK, Europe and USA - taking full responsibility of the entire process from negotiating stand position and cost, via design, shipment, health & safety documentation and liaison with service providers to on-site management of the build process, staffing of the exhibit and even post-event follow up.

Increasingly, there is a demand for support for smaller events – sales seminars, CPD events, press launches and the like. Once again, Simon can provide assistance from invitations and graphics to documentation and literature for visitors to take away.

Simon is happy to discuss the provision of some or all of these services to ensure your exhibition or event is delivered both on time and on budget, whilst ensuring the required brand or sales message is seen and understood by visitors.

Simon Scott - IP & New Product Development

Quite simply, if you spend significant time and money developing a new design or establishing a brand name, you want to make sure someone isn’t going to simply copy and market it. Consequently, protecting your Intellectual Property from threats from both within the UK and from overseas should be a vital part of any marketing function. Being prepared is much better than fighting fires! Simon has experience of all facets of IP from Design Registration and Trade Marks to legal enforcement of IP rights worldwide.

Simon has a pragmatic approach, providing sensible advice that will save significant management time and external costs in the medium to long term. He is also able to act as a facilitator if matters do go legal, having numerous specialist contacts within the legal profession. Notable IP dispute successes include an out-of-court settlement with a major UK retailer who were importing copies of designs protected by UK Design Registration and a legal agreement to prevent an established European manufacturer from using their Trade Mark in the UK.

In tandem with the legal side of New Product Development, Simon has significant experience of identifying opportunities and successfully bringing new products to market, even helping establish new companies or brands if necessary. Using his network of contacts, Simon can do anything from commissioning a sculptor or conducting market research to launching a design, brand or company in an overseas territory.

Simon Scott - Catalogues & Books

Simon is both the creative and organisational driving force behind everything from simple sales fliers to a 200+ page, thread sewn, full-colour catalogue. He is renowned for his attention to detail and lateral thinking which, combined with his copywriting and design skills, can help you transform concept into reality. He is experienced in managing a project from start to finish, providing very competitively priced photography, design and print via his network of contacts. He is equally happy to work alongside an in-house team to ensure the style and content of the completed project reflects the requirements of the company.

Simon is an author in his own right with published works including:

  • Formula One Drivers’ Profiles (1982). Reviewed as “concise, readable” (Automobile Sport) and “of great interest” (Autosport).
  • The Follies of Boughton Park (1995). Reviewed as “rich in detail…a fascinating history” (Dr Harriet Jordan, English Heritage). Updated and expanded as The Follies of Boughton Park Revisited (2011).
  • Artificial Stone (2009). Described as “A very solid and enlightening piece of work ~ rich, insightful and multi-faceted.” (Dr Simon Richards, University of Leicester)

In addition, Simon has contributed articles to publications including Architects Datafile, Architecture Today, Hotel Specification, Concrete, The Soane museum magazine, SPAB, Follies, Historic Gardens Review and Follies Journal.

Simon Scott - Design

Design is such a broad term and can encompass anything from:

  • a new product design to a new catalogue
  • a new brand or corporate identity to a new website
  • a letterheading to a lorry curtainside graphic
  • an exhibition stand to new advertising creative concept

Simon has hands-on experience of creating all these design assets and many more besides.

Whether you are a new start-up business or an established brand, Simon is able to help. He can provide anything from sound advice and creative recommendations to complete design solutions to meet your precise requirements. The choice is yours!

Simon Scott - Website Optimisation

You might have a great looking website but is it being found by your existing and potential customers? Key to this is website optimisation, the “black art” that ensures you will be found by search engines, in particular Google. Could your website performance be improved in Google’s natural SEO listings? The answer is almost certainly yes...

Are you making full use of Alt Tags? Meta descriptions? Links? Keywords? H1 and H2 headings? Simon can review your website and provide an overview of how Google works as well as practical suggestions and things to do that would improve your website’s rankings with search engines. Where possible, this review will compare your organisation’s website with that of your competitors. Adwords and PPC will also be included in any review if required.

Folly Expert - design, construction, research, lecture

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Simon Scott moved to Yorkshire in 2018 where he has established a successful marketing consultancy working with clients across the UK from an market-leading specialist engineering business to a well-known manufacturer of unique landscape structures. Work can be undertaken on a project-by-project or retained consultancy basis. Always looking for new challenges, Simon would be interested in discussing any opportunities where his skills and expertise can make a positive contribution to the success of your company or organisation. He hopes to hear from you soon... In the meantime, please enjoy this gallery of images.

Simon Scott can produce pop up displays for exhibitions and events Simon Scott can instigate new product development Simon Scott can help protect intellectual property rights Simon Scott has won top design awards at exhibitions including the Chelsea Flower Show Simon Scott can create great PR opportunities Simon Scott has arranged successful licencing agreements
Simon Scott

About Simon Scott

Simon Scott is a respected and successful Marketing professional with a proven strategic and operational track record in marketing and brand management. Core skills and expertise include creativity, lateral thinking, tenacity and enthusiasm, the ability to analyse, prioritise and solve complex problems, meet deadlines and work under pressure with attention to detail.

Simon has both strategic and commercial vision and the ability to drive efficiency and profitability through effective marketing. Key skills include an in-depth understanding of traditional marketing techniques whilst embracing new technologies. Quality-driven, with a consistent record of on-time, in-budget project delivery within highly pressured environments, Simon is adept at networking and establishing trust and credibility with stakeholders at all levels. He has an MA (Distinction): The Country House: Art, History and Literature from the University of Leicester. This academic knowledge combines with creative flair and practical skills for the benefit of Simon’s Folly Expert offering. As an expert in landscape follies and garden ornaments, Simon can provide advice, design, sourcing, construction, research, lecture and guide services. Please look at the Folly Expert dropdown for more information, or click here.

As you will see from this website, Simon is considered a specialist in PR and communications, exhibitions and event management, promotional literature, design, advertising and media buying, website optimisation, IP and new product development. Having worked for a diverse range of companies from small, niche family-owned firms to FTSE-listed multi-nationals, Simon is confident that he will be able to enhance your brand or sales. Please make contact today.